NWU Vacancies 2023 – Clinical Preceptor

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Job Description:

Facilitation of clinical teaching and learning of the nursing student in clinical practice and simulation lab. The clinical preceptor will be required to supervise, guide, support, mentor and perform clinical teaching and simulation lab and clinical practice. Key performance area includes clinical teaching of undergraduate students and simulation laboratory teaching activities. Key performance area includes clinical teaching of undergraduate students, simulation lab activities, records management and professional development of student in clinical practice

Job Responsibilities:

  • Facilitation of learning to students in the simulation laboratory when necessary.
  • Preparation of the simulation laboratory for practical demonstrations/ classes and exams as well as cleaning up after demonstrations/ classes and exams.
  • Display professional behaviour through interpersonal skills, dressing code, general appearance and use of correct language.
  • Be a role model to students.
  • Give feedback to the lecturers regarding hours worked and reporting of students who do not comply with the minimum required clinical hours.
  • Ensuring that students do not work more hours per week than prescribed by the Labour Relations Act.
  • Give electronic feedback to lecturers regarding placement of students.
  • Provide lecturers with monthly placement report of students.
  • Provide students with clinical and professional supervision in practice and in simulation.
  • Provide students with guidance in simulation and in practice during clinical performance of procedures.
  • Facilitate the integration of theory and practice as well as higher level of thinking.
  • Facilitate learning to ensure optimal patient care, competency in the necessary skills and achievement of set outcomes.
  • Demonstrate and give in-service training to students during practical (in simulation and practice).
  • Administer practical examination in practice and in simulation.
  • Assist students on a daily basis with clinical enquiries.
  • Assist with the marking of clinical assignments, patient studies, midwifery registers and assessment tools.
  • Monitor and supervise student’s ability to achieve learning outcomes.
  • Support and guide students in emotionally challenging environments and situations.
  • Checking hour lists and reporting this data accurately on a continuous basis.
  • Attending to enquiries of the students regarding hours worked and absenteeism from clinical practice.
  • Liaison with clinical facilities where students work regarding clinical placement and the clinical needs of the undergraduate programme.
  • Arranging orientation of students in clinical facilities prior to working in these facilities.

Job Requirements:

  • Proof of Professional Indemnity
  • 4 years’ experience in clinical nursing
  • Demonstration of language proficiency in order to function optimally in the various multilingual environments of the NWU
  • B degree in Nursing, advanced midwifery as an area of specialisation
  • Clinical nursing
  • Computer skills (MS Office, email, internet)
  • Valid code B driver’s licence
  • Registration with South African Nursing Council

Job Details:

Company: North West University

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: North West, South Africa

Application Deadline: N/A

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